Sleeping On A Cloud

Hey friends! Happy Monday!

Did daylight savings mess with anyone else?! I was ready for bed at 8pm and up wide awake at 6am this morning! I’ll definitely take it, it worked to my advantage to jump start my morning workouts again.


(Beautiful view on the way home from the gym!)

This weekend was pretty low key and honestly, was exactly what I needed. I got my hormone medication adjusted on Friday evening.  24 hours later, I felt more like my self again. Added bonus, I started sleeping through the night again by Saturday night. Let me tell you, a few weeks of insomnia on top of hormones is enough to make you feel crazy. One good night of sleep and I felt like a brand new person!

I also checked out a new yoga studio on Saturday morning with my favorite yogi! (My sister). It was glorious! I can’t tell you the last time I hit up yoga, but the backs of my arms are still screaming from all the chaturanga’s😉



We also spent a lot of time with my fam and got things done around our house!


Wine Saturday night at my Sister and Nate’s place!


Laundry mountain Sunday night!

Anyone have laundry mountain happen on Sunday night too? Ugh, least favorite thing!

We also finally found new bedding!!! I LOVE it!


I’m on the look out for a few more things to finish up our room and then I’ll share our bedroom makeover. I’m really happy with how it’s all coming together. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud on Saturday😉 Who knows, maybe that contributed to my great night of sleep!


I don’t know it’s all the workouts after a month hiatus, or it’s all the good sleep, but I’m in a fantastic mode for a Monday!

Hope you all have a great day too❤


Hello, happy Friday!!

How was your Halloween?!  We had about 10 total trick or treaters that I was luckily enough to get to see after a later night at work.  Considering the rain and small neighborhood we live in, I was presently surprised.  Bentley, was not.  He was NOT a fan of the strangers at our doorstep or people in front of his house.  Can’t win ’em all, Benny Booger!


Last night, I ended up attempting to go to bed at 8pm.  I’ve been having a hell of a time sleeping lately and haven’t had a full nights sleep in over a week.  On top of being extra busy at work and the stress of house hunting, I knew something else had to be affecting my sleep. 

In the middle of the night, when I started having a panic attack, I put it together.  Sure enough after a phone call with my doc, the new hormones I’m on for my other issues are now cause insomnia.

Let’s just say my hormones are RAGIN’.  Super fun ;)  All I can say is that my husband is a very special man and deserves a very special date night when all this goes back to normal.  We’ve going on 6 weeks of crazy, female probz and he has been such a trooper!  He is so supportive, even when I am crying for no reason in the shower at 7am.  Seriously, best husband ever.

Soooooo…anyways.  How about something fun?  Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat is doing her annual Pile on the Miles challenge.



What: FREE Online challenge to walk or run more during turkey month.

Who: Everyone is invited to join. Everywhere around the world!

When: November 1 – Nov 30.

Where: Virtual! Sign up on this form and go to each week to stay accountable and be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Why: To challenge yourself and encourage others to move more this month. This is about setting a goal and staying accountable with check-ins. It is not a competition for the most miles any longer – it’s about YOUR GOALS.

The Rules:

1. Sign up by completing this form.

There will be a place for your name, email, goal and blog address (optional). You must put in a name and email. If you have a blog please add it so we can create the most epic blogroll ever!

2. Set a goal at the beginning of the challenge to WALK or RUN x amount of miles or minutes in November. These could be miles or a set time on the treadmill OR outside/inside walking or running or cycling… Do your favorite exercise!

3.  Leave a comment on RER Nov 1,10, 17 and 24th with your Mileage/Minutes Goal for that week. All comments on those posts will be entered into a giveaway. It does not matter if you hit your goal each week but you must check-in and be accountable to be entered to win.


After being told to take last month to “chill” and allow my body to reset itself, I’m excited to have a game plan to get back on track and be held accountable to get my mileage back up.  I decided my goal would be 80 miles (20 a week!).


Are you joing Pile On The Miles? How many miles are you challenging yourself to??

Treat Yourself-Take 3

Good morning!  I haven’t linked up for a Treat Yourself post with my friend Becky in a while and I did a lot of it over the weekend…so here goes!


On Friday evening, my mom and I went out for a nice little “treat yo self” evening.  For my birthday this year, she decided to take me shopping, for drinks, and dinner.  Twist my arm😉

We had a blast and I got lots of goodies and quality time with my mom!  Gotta love that!

First up, I cashed in a birthday gift card to Sephora and treated myself to some new make up.  Bonus, I was shopping during my bday month, so I got a free gift (benefits mascara and highlighter!).


Man, I could spend hours and $$$) in that store!

Next after hitting up some clothing stores, Pammy and I went for happy hour drinks and ended up eating apps for dinner.

I talked my mom into a giant long island and she was so mad at me when she saw what I ordered her!  She got over it quick😉


My mom is the cutest!


Here’s a few of the things I picked up! New sweater, jeans, and bracelet.  And I also grabbed this new bag at The Limited!  Please excuse how filthy my mirror is…..



After a night out shopping, I talked Johnny into going grocery shopping at our newer, fancier Whole Foods.  He willingly agreed and I think it was only because they serve alcohol.




On Sunday, I visited with my Mother in Law and she gave me a belated birthday gift.  This birthday was seriously stretched out….not that I’m complaining!


Seriously, the BEST gift!  She knows me pretty well.  An adorable “Pittsburgh” scarf, my favorite candle, Starbucks for yearssss, and shopping money.  I loved the post it, too!  I’m thinking a massage may be in my near future:)


What have you done to treat yourself lately!?