Things I’m Loving Lately

I always love hearing what other people are loving. I’m pretty sure it’s just because I’m nosey. But when people post what products they love or what things are in their bag ala US Weekly, I’m fascinated. So, at the moment, these are all the things I’m loving:

Fall Out Boy/Justin Timberlake Come Backs

I have terrible taste in music, I’m the first to admit it. I’m a top 40/country/R&B fan….makes for an interesting play list, eh? When I heard this week that FOB was putting out new music and touring again I about fell off my chair! The early 2000’s are calling and giving me back my favorite band of my teens. Oh the memories. JT added to the mix? My life is complete.

Homemade Cleaners


I made a homemade cleaner the other day and it worked so well I had to share. This article finally made me do it and I’m glad I did. Water, vinegar, tree tea oil. That’s it. (I used 3 parts water, one part vinegar, 3-4 drops oil). The tree tea takes away any of the vinegar smell and makes it smell so fresh and clean. I used in on all the glass and counters and they have been sparkling ever since. The less cleaning I have to do, the better!😉 Natural cleaner= Bonus!

Garnier BB Cream


I love beauty products. I buy so many and try so many, it’s actually a problem. I get this trait from my mom because she is the exact same way. She’s also an enabler. We love to go to Ulta and Sephora to “just look” and one of us (me) usually leaves with a few (unnecessary) things. I picked this up recently and I absolutely love it! And apparently with my comment the other day on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life , I’m not alone. It’s the perfect amount of extra moisture in the winter and leaves my skin looking almost airbrushed, but without a heavy made up feeling.

Coconut Body Butter


You already know about my obsession love for anything coconut! I found this new body butter at Trader Joe’s and I bought it, for no other reason than the sent. This body butter is light and actually absorbs well. Even better, it smells sooo good, almost like frosting AND the lid flips open opposed to a screw on which is so much easier with lotion, right? Best of all: $4.99. Boom.

Pure Barre


Duh. I already wrote my Ode de PB, but I am in the last month of my current package, womp womp! To finish it out strong, I am attempting 20 in 30. 20 classes in 30 days. Gulp. If I put it here and out into the universe, I can’t back out….right? I have accomplished 1 class so far. Wish me luck!

A random list, indeed. You’re turn.

What song/thing/product/place are you totally loving lately?!

10 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. lifeandfitnessbyashley

    I totally feel you on the old school music. My gym this morning was playing a nynsc, backstreet boys, and Britney mix. It flashed me right back to middle school!

    1. Emily Post author

      So awesome! My friends and I actually just bought tickets for “The Package” Tour- 98degrees, NKOTB, and Boys to Men. I am sooo excited! lol

  2. Katy

    Love love loving the JT comeback! Does music really get better than late 90s early 2000s? I doubt it…:)

    Lately I’m loving physique 57. Wondering how it compares to pure barre?

    1. Emily Post author

      I doubt it too! And I’m curious myself, I’ve heard great things about Physique 57! I think when my package runs out, I’m going to invest in some DVDs. I’ll definitely let you know.

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