My First “Vlog” and Random Links

Hey guys!  Hows your week been so far?  One more day til the weekend…woo hoo!!!:)

That recipe I promised….ya, um, maybe tomorrow?  I’ve been hit with a sinus bug.  I didn’t even know it was possible to feel like this in MAY!  So I’ve been taking it easy this week.  I do have a few awesome links to share!


Links from the Week:

  • This man decided to go “offline” for an entire year to see how the internet is really affecting our lives.  What he learned is really interesting and for someone who is totally plugged in 24/7, I found his experience to be so different from what I would imagine!  Thanks to my friend Jess for finding it on another Jess’s blog and sharing:)

  • A twitter friend shared this link for a local CSA and I am sooooo excited!!! We looked into doing one last year, but couldn’t find one close/organic/reasonable.  Even better, a friend of ours is going to split it with us! :)  I’ll for sure share our experience once it starts in June!

  • An  Ad agency exec was given two weeks to live and while he has surpassed that, he is blogging about his life regrets and celebrations until his time comes.  Super heart breaking, but also an interesting perspective at the end of life.

  • Johnny shared this with me on twitter yesterday and I couldn’t stop laughing.  He’s terrified of babies😉

BJxANwpCAAAGjRH.jpg large

  • And finally, a “Vlog”!!  Sorta.  So, everything Johnny or I sing, Bentley howls.  It has gotten so bad, that now when I play music, specifically “Girl On Fire(??)”, he “sings” and howls along.  We can’t tell if he’s upset or just actually singing too! haha  His tail wags the whole time, so you be the judge.

Note:  Please ignore my awful morning, singing voice!  I just work up😉


Hope you have a great Thursday!

Any good links to share?  Do you think Bentley hates our singing or is trying to join in?!:)

5 thoughts on “My First “Vlog” and Random Links

    1. Emily Post author

      Haha I think so too! He’s such a cutie, of course I’m bias😉 I’m glad it made your day!

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