Take Time Tuesday-Grandma & Uncle Herm

Hello, hello.

I spent the weekend running around to the point of exhaustion.  So much so that I took yesterday off to recoup and slept until almost noon!  Yikes, I must have needed it.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day….

Today for Take Time Tuesday, I have two things I’m thinking about, both have to do with family❤

First: I am really missing my grandma.  As you may know, she was part of the reason I started this little bloggy to document the good things in my life after she passed in January.  She was such an important part of my life and I keep wishing she was here to tell her things.  I cried when I got into grad school because I could have only imagined how proud she would have been.  She had a Slippery Rock University magnet on her fridge and bragged to ANYONE who would listen how her granddaughter was a college grad.

One of my grandma’s favorite things in life was a good deal.  She prided herself on pinching a penny to be able to help my grandpa provide a life for their kids they only could have dreamed of.  Her most favorite deal: flea markets and garage sales.

So, when Johnny and I decided to hit up a large community yard sale Saturday, I couldn’t help but think of her.  We didn’t really find much, but I happened to come across a gorgeous, vintage Coach leather bag.  It was still in amazing shape and I was drawn to it.  I took some time to walk and think about it.   Eventually I turned to Johnny and said, “I need that bag.”  We went back to “haggle” (Johnny’s favorite part) and the older woman turned to me and said, “Sure, it’s yours.  I really just want it to go to another young woman who will enjoy it as much as I have.  I used it for many, many years”.


First of all, it makes my heart so happy to know that my bag has been well-loved.  That’s the best part about vintage, right?  Second, I’ve been looking for a more professional bag to carry this fall since I am no longer an undergrad.  This bag popped out of nowhere, was a STEAL, and is the perfect size.  I like to think it’s my grandma’s way to prove she’s still around and is proud of me.❤

Next: we got a new deck!!  It was finally finish last week and we broke it in with a birthday party for my mother-in-law on Sunday.  Our old deck was just straight up scary.  Small, old, nasty wood, and felt like it could fall at any minute!

We went from this…


To this!!!

IMG_3683 IMG_3685

Spacious, warm, and solid!

I forgot to take pictures on Sunday, but it was a beautiful day.  We spent lots of time with Johnny’s family (and my parents, too!) outside enjoying our new deck, grilling out, and birthday cake.  Johnny’s great-great Uncle Herm (yes 2 greats, and he’s 93!) also came over.  He said it was only because I invited him.  I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite. ;)  He has just recently started sharing stories from World War II and on Sunday shared some stories no one had ever heard before.  It was truly amazing.  He remembers everything with such detail and has not spoke about it in almost 70 years!

At 93, he still lives alone, drives himself, goes out to eat for dinner because he can and scrubs his kitchen floor on Saturday mornings on his hands and knees.  It’s amazing.

Uncle Herm asked for a cup of coffee after dinner.  When I explained to him that I didn’t have creamer, only Almond Milk he asked, “Well, is it chunky or will I feel the Almonds?” I said, “No, it’s just made with almonds.”  He responded with, “Well, hell, I don’t care!  I’ll try it.”  I’m floored that at his age he still wants to try to things!  He liked the almond milk, by the way.  Although I don’t think it will be in his regular coffee line up.

While Uncle Herm is Johnny’s family, I am so thankful that I married into it!  He is truly special and someone I am so grateful to know.


I hope you have a great Tuesday!

What are you grateful for today?!

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