Take Time Tuesday

Good morning!  I have lots to be grateful for this morning, so let’s get to it.  Thanks as always, Katie!!


  • I am so thankful for our weekend away at the lake.  It really recharged me and was just what I needed.  Also, I will never not be grateful for a view like below, enjoyed beside my best bud.


  • I won a massage yesterday!!! My favorite spa had a twitter contest and go figure, after I was just whining to Johnny this week how I needed a massage, I won one! The universe is definitely trying to tell me something ;)  With school starting in a few weeks, I am surely going to enjoy this guy before hand.

  • Speaking of Grad School, I am getting really excited, but also nervous.  I’m still trying to straighten everything out through my financial aid office and while it’s a bit of a headache, I am so glad my company is paying for a bulk of it!  Looking at the bill is enough to make your head spin, but realizing you don’t have to pay for even half of it is truly a blessing!
  • Bentley.  Seriously, that little booger puts a smile on my face every single day and I missed him this weekend.  We brought him home a gift, but I think we liked it more than he did.  A Black and gold hoodie: Benny is totally ready for Steeler season. #thuglife

1097982_559084061150_1544994556_nPhoto Credit to Johnny!

What are you grateful for this Tuesday morning?!
Have a great day!!

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