“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Red Lobster. I received a gift card to facilitate my review promotional item as a thank-you for participating. All opinions are my own.”

Every single year since we have started dating, Johnny and I have ended up at Red Lobster for their Endless Shrimp promotion.  It also brings back great memories for us.  We were engaged and married around this time of year, so we have managed to end up at Red Lobster around all of these relationship milestones.

While I consider myself a vegetarian, I do enjoy seafood from time to time, especially shrimp.  Red Lobster is also one of Johnny’s absolute favorite places, so last week we went to enjoy shrimp, a low-key evening, and of course cheddar bay biscuits each other.


Johnny was so happy to see that they had Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest on draft, while I enjoyed a Pinot Grigio.


Next up, biscuits.  Seriously, I know how bad these are for you, but I don’t care.  You can’t even tell me that you don’t start drooling when you see them.  The menu had a calorie count much lower than I expected…I wonder if they changed the recipe?  Either way, they still tasted delicious and I ate 3 4 with zero regret, alongside my salad.


I was surprised to learn that this year was the 12th year of the Endless-Shrimp promotion.  That’s a lot of shrimpies! This year’s new option was Spicy Soy Wasabi Grilled Shrimp which I was really excited to try.




It was definitely my favorite, although I wouldn’t exactly say it was spicy.  Then again, I LOVE spicy so maybe it just wasn’t spicy by my standards.😉

Johnny was in heaven, although he my not have enjoyed having his picture taken so much ;)  He always teases me that I am not a good date for “all you can eat” and I think I proved him right.  I could only handle three options, while I’m pretty sure he made it to 7 or 8.



It was a delicious, relaxing date night to cap off another fun summer together.

What is your favorite restaurant?  Have you ever gone for Endless Shrimp?


5 thoughts on “Shrimpies

    1. Emily Post author

      haha right?! Men! Johnny asks to go probably once a month.

      I am on a mission to figure out a healthy version of them because i could eat a million. As soon as I crack the recipe, I’ll post it:)

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