Damn Deer + 26

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?

I had a less than ideal weekend to be honest.  When it rains, it pours right?  Friday we looked at MORE houses and Saturday we went to a Halloween party.  It was great to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while and we stayed pretty late.  We we left, we had about an hour drive home on dark, bendy country roads.  We bought should have known better this time of year…


Yep, we nailed a deer going 70 mph.  To date, it was the most terrifying thing that’s happened to me!  Not only was it scary, the animal lover- vegetarian in me was also a bit heart broken over it.

After the shock and adrenaline wore off, I calmed down a bit.  We both slept terrible and woke up feeling pretty blah.  On the bright side, there was no major damage to the mechanical parts to my car, only frame and body work.  Also, neither one of us were hurt which I am really thankful for!  It could have easily been a whole lot worse and I am really glad to know my Jetta is a pretty safe car.


Onward and upward…..In other news, today is my 26th birthday!  Johnny surprised me with another thoughtful gift this morning.


He seriously is the BEST gift giver.  I mentioned I love this necklace a few weeks ago and poof, it’s mine❤

I also think it’s the perfect gift to ring in another year!  We talked this weekend about how 25 was a rough year for me.  A lot of seriously life things happened and while I kept a pretty good outlook through it all, I think I’m ready for 26!  I’m hoping after so much negative, the universe owes me a year of positive, happy, good things!😉

I’m going to be celebrating with a positive attitude today.  I’ve got lots of fun  things planned with my family and loved ones❤

Hope you have a wonderful Monday, friends!

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